230V~ LED flasher

original article (roumanian language)

In a old paper magazine named ELEKTOR I found a nice schematic 

Using Eagle PCB software I designed a version for made this schematic:


3D montage


On net, I found a movie with similar montage, named 110 or 240 Volts blinking LED:

If you put this module in parallel with a incandescent bulb, LED flash when bulb is on (work with led lamp or other lamp):

230V~LED flasher when bulb lamp is ON

If you put this module in parallel with switch at incandescent bulb circuit, LED flash when bulb is off:

230V~LED flashet whem bulb lamp is OFF

I made simple circuit in air:

tested schematic

tested schematic

I put a additional resistor for better intensity of LED:

I change red led wih blue led:

I made a movie named 230V LED flasher


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