Accesspoint – Station Communication without Broken Link Between Two ESP8266 MCUs


   I find article named Accesspoint – Station Communication Between Two ESP8266 MCUs and I tested because need just 2 development board with ESP8266 and power supply for them.

After few tests, I discover broken link between “station” and “router” (AP = Acces Point) after few minutes..  I test some variants to solve problem and find problem just at “client” (“station”).

Solution for solve problem is to made hard-reset after counter is too big, lost wi-fi communcation or lost data, like I tested in an old article Termostat controlat de pe o pagina web (2)

Base schematic for “client” is

and “software solution”

In movie named Accesspoint – Station Communication Between Two ESP8266 MCUs you can see comunication and hard-reset after few iterations.. is a strange solution, but works very well…

I use sketches from HERE !

PS: I change D0 with D5 and now system is more stable… sketch for ‘client” is updatated (see http://ST_1.ino)


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