Solve problem with “511” at W5100 Ethernet shield

I have an W5100 Ethernet shiled who work ok in home network, but notwork in other network, so I search about this problem and find solution.
In my case, manufacturer put a wrong value for a quad resistor, instead 51 ohms (noted 510) was put 510 ohms (noted 511)…

Original shield have 49R9 (49.9 ohms), see schematic.

In article named The W5100 bug(s) – and how to fix it (them) are presented more problems.

For my problem, exist 2 solutions: change qaud resistor or put 2 resistor with 100 ohms value at Ethernet connector.

Second solution is easy and quickly, so I made this modifications

and now W5100 Ethernet shield works

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2 Responses

  1. Ebrahimzadeh says:

    I gave you some good information. thank you

  2. Ronaldo Bastos says:

    Perfect, i tried and it worked perfectly. thanks!!!

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