Adjusting clock on 128×64 monochrome display (ST7920)

Using 128×64 monochrome display with ST7920, I made an adjusting RTC clock based on Arduino board.

I use this schematic for my clock:

Part for adjusting clock is from Doz’ Blog.

I use u8glib library and my set for ST7920 display is

First, I use info from article Analog LCD clock – Arduino LCD for made just clock (sketch: u8glib_RTC_clock1.ino).

You can see in video named RTC clock on 128×64 display with ST7290 (2)

After succes with graphic clock, I change sketch for made an adjunsting clock. I write some version, but final sketch is u8glib_RTC_clock2.ino.

In movie named RTC clock on 128×64 display with ST7290 (4) you can see last version vs not optimissed version

In not optimised version (is identical in optimissed version), you can see how work and how can be adjust the clock and data) – RTC clock on 128×64 display with ST7290 (3)

More photo and details can be found in my original article.

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