Monostable relay with 555

A practical application for monostable relay is temporary stair lights. After you short push on a button, light is on for few seconds (or minutes), after that lights is off.

In roumanian old magazine TEHNIUM INTERNATIONAL from march 1999 is article named “Automat de scara” writted by mr. Alexandru Marculescu:

Connexion schematic to lights is

Schematic is based on old chip 555 put in momostable schematic, like in 555 tutorial

With value from schematic minumum and maximum time are:

Using Autodesk Eagle PCB software, I redesign the schematic:

Using Livewire software, I add power supply with transformer and diodes:

For this schematic, using PCB Wisard I designed a version for this relay (download HERE as pdf file):

Another version without transformer is from article named Temporizator luces escalera:

I made a small movie with simulation, named Automat de scara:



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